Multi-Lane Timer L10

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  • Basic set includes 1 lane button; additional lane buttons sold seperately (6, 8, 10)
  • All wires are standard telephone cables, which allows for user modification
  • The Ultrak L10 can be used to time track races with up to 10 lanes as well as road races (cross country, 10K's, marathons, etc.) with up to 8,000 participants
  • A linkgate is provided which connects the ten lane buttons to a separate unit, eliminating tangled wires to the lane timer itself
  • Four digit bib numbers can be pre-assigned to lanes in track mode and entered at the finish for road races
  • Data can be uploaded to a PC or printed out during or after an event for later review
  • The L10 is now compatible with Hy-Tek, RunScore, Easy Meet Manager and other software programs!