Centerline Competition Series Portable System

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  • Portable Centerline is now available for courts where floor sockets are not practical to install
  • This Aluminum System rolls on built-in casters and attaches to the floor using two VBL6059 or VBL6060 floor anchors per end
  • Fully padded in your choice of 18 Athletic colors
  • Other features identical to those found on our popular floor socket models
  • Weight: 245 lbs.
  • Set Includes: Bases, Standards, Winch, Floor Plates (Specify Plate Type), Net, Antennas, Cable Covers, Base and Post Padding (Choose from 6 colors)
  • Floor Anchors:
  • VBL6059 for floating wood floors
  • VBL6060 for concrete, synthetic or tile floors